Welcome to STAX

We know what you’re thinking – what’s with the name? – STAX?

Well – when you take freshly baked hoagie rolls and pile ‘em high with as much good stuff as we do – STAX is a pretty obvious name. What's a hoagie you ask? Essentially a pimped up sandwich roll originating from Philadelphia USA. Hoagies are best known for their delicious rolls, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside, baked daily by a local artisan baker and STAX'd full of the freshest mouth watering produce.

These days, it’s not only a variety of different hoagie breads we’re pilin’ high. We do tortilla wraps, mountain bread and Staxwiches – yep, you guessed it – sandwiches, the STAX way – fresh and tall. Talkin’ of fresh – all our hoagiess ‘n’ stuff are made to order, using only the finest meats, veggies, salads and sauces. Where and when we can, we also like to use locally produced goods. One of the great things about Adelaide is there’s no shortage of fine ingredients – so why look elsewhere? Still talkin’ about freshness – our cabinets are constantly Fonzy cool, thanks to our ‘air over’ refrigerated cabinets.